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Introduction of VBScript

  1. VBScript is a language or not? Why is it use.
  2. Write a Program print “Hello World!”? Steps to execute on QTP editor.
  3. How to define variable in VBScript? Differentiate between Variable and Constants?
  4. List five predefined constants and their use?
  5. What is Variant in VBScript? Define Sub-data type.


Operator and Control Statements

  1. What is Operator? Define different type of operator with example.
  2. What are different concatenation operator available in VBScript? Give example with different data type.
  3. Define conditional statement? Describe Select case statement with example.
  4. What are the different type of IF statement in VBScript? Define each with their flow.
  5. What’s different between FOR...NEXT and FOR EACH...NEXT? Describe briefly.
  6. Differentiate between DO...LOOP and DO...UNTIL? What’s advantage of DO...UNTIL.
  7. Why & How we use EXIT FOR and EXIT DO with different looping statements?


Procedures in VBScript

  1. What is Procedures? Difference between Function and Sub Procedure.
  2. Define return type of Function procedure? What are the different type of arguments pass in a Procedure.
  3. List advantage of ByRef type arguments?


Object-oriented in VBScript

  1. Script languages are not following OOP’s concept? Why.
  2. What is class in VBScript? How we define classes.
  3. What’s advantage of VBScript classes?


Write Program in VBScript for QTP editor

  1. Write a program for print a text message?
  2. W.A.P. for perform various arithmetic operation on two operands?
  3. W.A.P. to find area of a circle? Use pi=3.14 as a constant.
  4. W.A.P. to concatenate two string using + ?
  5. W.A.P. to concatenate two string using & ?
  6. W.A.P. to check two No. are equal?
  7. W.A.P. to find greatest No. among three No.?
  8. W.A.P. using SELECT statement for perform various arithmetic operations?
  9. W.A.P. to  read and display five No. using Array variable?
  10. W.A.P. to display all No. between 1 to 20 using FOR...NEXT?
  11. W.A.P. to display all the even No. between 1 to 20 using WHILE...WEND?
  12. W.A.P. to display all the odd No. between 1 to 20 using DO...LOOP?
  13. W.A.P. to display all No. between 1 to 20 using DO...UNTIL?

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