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  1. Validate sign-on link is working?
  2. Validate register link is working?
  3. Validate support link is working?
  4. Validate contact link is working?
  5. validate title check after login and search flight
  6. Validate sign-in feature is working?
  7. Validate sign-in, searching, buying ticket flow is working?
  8. perform sign-in and logout testcase, login-searching and logout, login searching, book a flight and logout in one test case with different valid usernames and valid passwords. Just think how can we use store command???


  1. validate login cookie based
  2. how to verify cookie is exist or not. automate it(no need of recording)


  1. validate ajax based pop up text and verify pop up text element is exist or not
  2. perform javascript confirmation pop up and checkout javascript alert through below link  and perform automation..


  1. automate newsletter subscription functionality and verify subscription is done??
  2. visit and click on start, then click on view answer of first question and checkout the view answer is working or not and verify it is showing right answer.
  3. verify menus and items under that for

Selenium Webdriver

  1. Check for broken links
  2. Read Data from CSV File and Pass into Test


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