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Section: Testing Concepts


How Various IT Department are related with each phase of SDLC

What are various phases of SDLC?

  1. How various departments of IT company involves in various phases of SDLC? Discuss role of various IT departments for various phases of SDLC?
  2. What is waterfall Methodology?
  3. What is software reliability?


  1. What is full form of STLC? Does it part of QA dept. or entire IT company?
  2. Explain various phases and activities of STLC?
  3. How SDLC is different from STLC?
  4. Compare phase wise what is covered in each phase of SDLC and corresponding STLC?
  5. Why STLC is important for QA Dept.?

Testers Qualities

  1. What qualities testers should have?
  2. As a tester, what qualities do you have? Provide with examples to justify your qualities?
  3. Describe what you would like to do in a new job as a Software Tester?
  4. Why A Tester needs to interact with various IT departments?

Why Testing Is Important?

  1. Why is Testing Important? Justify with few good examples?
  2. What happen if you not test software properly? Provide few examples and problems occurred due to not testing enough?
  3. How rigorous testing helps IT companies?
  4. Why Testing is important in Software Industry?
  5. What are the advantages of starting early testing in SDLC?
  6. Can testing be 100%? if not then why?
  7. Provide various justifications for separating software testing from software development job? Why not software developers should conduct complete testing rather than companies pay separately to software testers?

Different Types Of Testing

  1. What are the different types of Testing?
  2. Explain each in not more than 5 sentences:
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Alpha Testing
    • System Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Cross Browser Testing
    • Multi Platform Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Security Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    • Beta Testing
  3. What is Functional Testing? List various testing which come under this category?
  4. What is Non Functional Testing? List various testing which come under this category?
  5. How Acceptance testing is importance? Who does acceptance Testing? What we do in this testing?
  6. List five key differences Smoke Testing Vs Sanity Testing?
  7. Define Manual Vs Automated testing?
  8. List as many differences as you can between white box testing and black box testing?

Test Cases

  1. What is a Test Case?
  2. List out level of Test Cases? What are fields of a Test case Template?
  3. Write test cases for Gmail Login? Give at least 5 examples?
  4. Design 3 positive Test cases and 3 negative test cases regarding:
  5. What problems you face in writing test cases?
  6. What is called a good Test Case? What is a bad Test Case?
  7. What are guidelines for writing Test Cases?
  8. What is Test Data? Why is it important?
  9. Develop Test cases for Flight Reservation Application?
    (Use standard guidelines to write your test cases. Cover all sections provided in SRS).

Test Plan

  1. what is Test plan ? What are the Contents of a Test Plan? Describe each.
  2. Write an example of a Test Plan?
  3. Develop Test Plan for Flight Reservation System Application? Make sure you cover all the sections and it should looks like professional document?

Traceability matrices

  1. What is Traceability matrices? How to use it?
  2. Traceability matrix is useful? How? Describe with Example with any application?
  3. Develop Traceability Matrix for Flight Reservation Application?


  1. What’s full form of SRS?
  2. Why SRS is important in Manual Testing?
  3. What is Use Cases?
  4. Design 5 different Use Cases?
  5. What are Non-functional Requirement in SRS?
  6. Design an Use Case Diagram? Describe briefly.

Test Strategies

  1. What is Test Strategies? Importance.
  2. Discuss a Test Strategies on object-oriented software?
  3. What are the different Test environment, infrastructure and tools?

Test Methodologies

  1. What is Agile Methodology?
  2. How Scrum Works? Describe each components.
  3. What is Product Backlog? Design a Sample.
  4. What are advantage and disadvantage Agile Scrum?
  5. How Waterfall model work? Define each Phase.
  6. Why Waterfall model is harmful?

Defect Management

  1. What is software defect or bug?
  2. List 10 different defects with example which you encountered in your previous projects?
  3. What are the different causes of Defects i.e why defects occur?
  4. Define Defect Life Cycle?
  5. What is defect  or bug report?
  6. Have you developed bug report? If yes, then explain what are various sections did you include in your bug report?
  7. How was defect management process implemented in your company?
  8. Once QA found defect, what s/he does with that defect?

Test Effort Estimation

  1. What is Test Effort Estimation?
  2. Design a Test Effort Estimation?

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