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General Questions Related to Automation?

  1. What is automation testing? Can manual testing be 100% automated?  If not then provide your justification?
  2. What are testing process with QTP? Describe each.
  3. Is QTP functional or non-functional testing tool? Support your answer with few examples?
  4. Define QTP record and run Modes.
  5. What are different types of recording in QTP?
  6. What is object repository in QTP?
  7. What test cases are best candidates for automation? Justify your answer?
  8. List various kinds of checkpoints in QTP?
  9. List as many features as you can for QTP automation testing tool?
  10. What are views in QTP?Describe.
  11. Describe actions in QTP?
  12. What is parameterization?
  13. What is batch mode?
  14. What are results generation in QTP?
  15. What do you mean by Descriptive programming? How to add database Checkpoint in QTP?
  16. What is database checkpoint?
  17. Define architecture of keyword Framework?
  18. Generate a test execution report?

Please describe below QTP features in not more than 5 lines:

(QTP Theory Questions)

  1. Record and Run settings
  2. Record and playback
  3. Object Repository
  4. Views in QTP
  5. Actions in QTP
  6. Parameterization
  7. Batch mode
  8. Results generation in QTP
  9. Descriptive programming
  10. Various kinds of checkpoints in QTP

Watch few QTP videos from here


(Practical Assignment)

Feel free to discuss with your class team members if you not sure about any particular flow or need QTP related help.

Use QTP tool to automate below Test Scenarios?(Automate below test cases using QTP tool and save at your machine for evaluation)

  1. Automate  using QTP “login successful”  functionality for Flight reservation desktop application?
  2. Automate  validating “login unsuccessful”  functionality for Flight reservation desktop application using QTP tool?
  3. Using QTP automate  validating “login successfully functionality”  for three correct users names and passwords for Flight Reservation desktop application? Hint: You have to use QTP parameterization feature.
  4. Automate flight search functionality  for Flight reservation desktop application? Hint: “Open an existing Flight reservation with particular order number”
  5. Automate booking new flight  functionality for Flight reservation desktop application? Hint: “Insert new reservation and add checkpoint to check reservation inserted or not”
  6. Describe steps for automating “update existing reservation and check reservation updated or not?” functionality for Flight reservation system. Use QTP automation testing tool and automate this flow?
  7. Automate  “gmail login successful” test case using QTP Testing Tool?
  8. Automate gmail login unsuccessful for all possible incorrect usernames and password scenarios” using QTP tool? Hint: You have to create one test case for each incorrect login and password scenario.
  9. Automate end to end flow for http://newtours.demoaut.com using QTP tool? Hint: End to end means login, booking flight, paying and exiting etc.
  10. Using QTP batch feature run gmail login successful and all login unsuccessful test cases in batch mode? Hint: Watch video and try to do this test case.


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