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  1. Discuss main features of Java?
  2. Justify. Why Java is platform independent?
  3. What are the data types in Java? List them with Size.
  4. What is variable in Java? What are different types of variable? Describe.
  5. Write step for setup Java project in Eclipse?
  6. What different types of operator in Java? Describe each.
  7. Define various IF statements in Java with syntax?
  8. What’s advantage of Switch statement over IF? Explain with example.
  9. What’s different between Entry-checking and Exit-checking loop?
  10. Define various loop statements with syntax?
  11. What is an Array? Define various types of Array and there example?
  12. What’s different between character Array and String?
  13. Define String Class and there methods?
  14. What is function? How we define a function in Java? Define all the keywords which are use with a function?
  15. What are the different type of argument for a function?
  16. What is file in Java? Describe FILE class.
  17. Describe all the steps to connect any application with the database in Java using JDBC?


Write Program in Eclipse

  1. Write a program to print “Hello World!”.
  2. W.A.P. (Write a program) to use all arithmetic operator on two operands?
  3. W.A.P. to use all relational operator?
  4. W.A.P. to find greatest No. among three No. using conditional operator?
  5. W.A.P. to check a No. is odd or even?
  6. W.A.P. to check a year is leap year or not?
  7. W.A.P. to check a No. is +ve, zero or -ve?
  8. W.A.P. to find greatest No. among three No.?
  9. W.A.P. to perform arithmetic operation on two No. using switch statement?
  10. W.A.P. check Grade. Where grade are - (A - Excellent), (B - Good), (C - OK), (D - Mmmm..), (F - Must do better)
  11. W.A.P. to make choice for user to check a No. - Even, Odd, Prime or Not Prime?
  12. W.A.P. to check a No. prime or not using While loop?
  13. W.A.P. to check a No. is palindrome or not?
  14. W.A.P. to print table of a No. using do...while loop?
  15. W.A.P. to sum n natural No.? Where value of n is input by user.
  16. W.A.P. to read an array of five No. and display?
  17. W.A.P. to insert a value in the list at specific position?
  18. W.A.P. to find smallest No. from the list and it’s position?
  19. W.A.P. to search a No. in an Array?
  20. W.A.P. to find average of ten No.?
  21. W.A.P. to read a String and display with length of the string?
  22. W.A.P. to concatenate two string using String function?
  23. W.A.P. to check a string is substring of the first string?
  24. Write a function to find greatest No. among two No.?
  25. Write a function to print table of a No.?
  26. Write a function to print reverse of a No.?
  27. Write a program to perform following FILE operation?
    1. Create a file
    2. Write in the file
    3. read from the file
    4. close the file
  28. Write a program to perform following operation on Oracle Database?
    1. Create table
    2. Insert value in table
    3. Update vale in table

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