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QC Assignment

 (Theory Assignment)

  1. What is QC? Describe Quality Center architecture?
  2. Define Test Management in QC with diagram?
  3. Define Releases and Cycle?
  4. What are the steps of Test Plan in QC?
  5. How to designing Test steps in QC?
  6. Draw a Process flow diagram and define it?
  7. What is Test Sets?
  8. Define defect management using QC?
  9. How defect linking directly or indirectly with an Entity?
  10. Write the steps of creating favorite views for a defect?
  11. What is Reports? How we generate it?
  12. What is Sub-Reports? Define, How a report contain a sub-reports?
  13. How we create a Quick Reports?
  14. What is Document Generator? What are main field in Document Generator? Write the steps for generating a document?
  15. Can we create traceability matrix in QC? If yes, then list all steps for creating it in QC?
  16. Write an example on QTP process?
  17. What is Quality Management?
  18. What is Static and Dynamic testing?
  19. Differentiate QA & QC?
  20. What are the 4 C’s in Defects? Define each.
  21. What is Software Inspection? Define the Process of Software Inspection with diagram?
  22. Define Formal Inspection Process?


(Practical Assignment)

Use QC Tools and create below items on your machine and show in class

  1. Create requirement in QC for FRS (Flight Requirement System) application.  Use below link to get the requirement for QC tool:
  2. Use QC and create Test cases for FRS (Flight Requirement System) application.  Use below link to get the copy of Test cases for QC:
  3. Open HP FRS desktop application on your machine and execute above Test Cases using Test Lab in QC?
  4. Think about possible defects for FRS desktop application and list at least 10 possible defects.
  5. Use above possible defects  proposed by you and create those in QC using defect management module.
  6. Link above created defects to Test cases and requirement in QC?
  7. Create traceability Matrix in QC by linking  above entered  Test cases to Requirement?
  8. Investigate and generate various reports for FRS application using QC tool?


    STLC is a part of STLC. It is like a SET and a SUBSET. We cannot have STLC running individually on its own. It needs to wait for its roll call before implementing its phases.
    STLC is limited to Testing software module. SDLC is rather a vast model with more inputs and executions.
    STLC is the most important part of the SDLC life cycle. One cannot release the final product without running it through STLC process.
    STLC team requires skilled developers and Testers. The efficiency demand is rather high here in comparison to other parts of the SDLC module.
    STLC is also a part of the post release update cycle. The bug fixes and end user reports are logged by the application. This log is checked and fixed while building and releasing the new version of the software or Program module.

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