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Loadrunner Questions:-

  1. What are the advantage of Loadrunner?
  2. What is Load Testing? Describe Load testing is not a substitute for functional testing?
  3. What are Load testing process?
  4. What functions or business processes should be load tested?
  5. Describe Load testing terminologies? Briefly.
  6. What are contents of performance-testing effort in project context?
  7. What is Loadrunner? How Loadrunner addresses the performance testing?
  8. Define Vuser Generator?
  9. Write steps of creating vuser scripts?
  10. How record the transaction in either vuser_init or vuser_end? Write Steps.
  11. How we insert a parameterization statements? Write Steps.
  12. What is protocol? List any five protocol with short description.
  13. What is the use of controller? How we use it.
  14. List the advantage of analysis in Loadrunner?
  15. How to run a scenario?
  16. Define different type of Graph analysis?
  17. What is SLA(service level agreements)? Describe it.
  18. How to draw a SLA reports? Why is it important.
  19. What is X Worst transaction?
  20. Define these SLA report components:
    1. Transaction response time under load
    2. Hits per second graph
    3. Running vusers graph
    4. Average transaction response Time
    5. Throughput

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