Use nocasematch in bash scriptcan't see properly

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[t_block id="0327532642" ]#!/bin/bash
# A shell script to backup mysql, webserver and files to tape
# Turn on a case-insensitive matching (-s set nocasematch)
shopt -s nocasematch
case $opt in


echo "Running mysql backup using mysqldump tool..."


echo "Running backup using rsync tool..."


echo "Running tape backup using tar tool..."


echo "Backup shell script utility"
echo "Usage: $0 {sql|sync|tar}"
echo "sql : Run mySQL backup utility."
echo "sync : Run web server backup utility."
echo "tar : Run tape backup utilty.";;


# Turn off a case-insensitive matching (-u unset nocasematch)
shopt -u nocasematch[/t_block]

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